SoulCollage Article by Suzie Wolfer LCSW

These simple recycled materials:  magazine images, mat board and glue stick are all you need to open the doorway to your own personal Muses, Wise Women and Jokers.

How to begin?

Gather some magazines at your local recycler or put the word out to friends that you're looking for National Geographic, Oprah, Discover, Scientific American

and any old picture books.  Leaf through for any images that give you an emotional reaction of any sort - horror, delight, calmness, anger, and amusement.  Leave your editor and critic to clean up the dishes as you rip out the images that call you.

Next pick out 4 - 5 images that interest you.  The less you "know" what you're doing the better.  This "not knowing" gives the archetypes and your muses room to work through your complex and rich right brain wisdom.

Look for a larger image to use as your background canvas, then start cutting out the other smaller images.  Use a very fine, sharp scissor to cut just inside the image and you will find the pictures blend together.  Play around with the lay out using a frame with a hole cut out measuring 5 by 8 inches.  When you frame your various combinations, you will find that all of a sudden you have it!  The arrangement works and you get a little rush of aliveness in your body and your right brain confirms you have found a vein of gold.

Finally, Grab your glue stick.  When gluing be sure to cover every molecule of your images with glue.  Use scrap paper, lay your images face down and smother them with your glue stick. You want these to last a lifetime. So glue accordingly.  To finish, trim your collage to fit a 5 x 8 inch piece of mat board.  I trim them slightly smaller, so there are no loose edges to catch and unravel the card.

Your first SoulCollage card is born!  And you've just created the doorway to a lifetime relationship with a wise counselor who can be contacted anytime, night or day.

Let me give you an example with the card made to the right.  The image of the African American woman has waited patiently in my file for the last couple years and now I'm very curious about what she has to say.  I look at the card for a few minutes.  Ask, "Who are you?"  And here is what she said:

"I am the One who survives.  No matter what happens I survive.  Wars come and go, people come and go, ideas come and go, and I survive.  My needs are simple, a little food, a little sunshine to grow things and I survive.  I'm realistic. I'm practical.  I don't have any fancy notions.  If you get out of line, you'll pay the price, not me.  I'm as old as the hills and I know a thing or two.  I've seen it all.  Raised a pack of kids, buried a couple of husbands, threw one out. Yeah my back hurts and my feet ache, but that's just pain.  Pain won't kill a person.  I survive."

SoulCollage cards can advise us through journaling and inner exploring.  You can also use SoulCollage to show your love and appreciation for a loved one by making a Community Card..  SoulCollage is fun, anyone can do it.  It builds our Inner Community, connects us to our community of friends, family and pets, as well as to the larger forces in our lives.

Suzie Wolfer LCSW, has offered individual and group therapy for 21 years.  Her training includes traditional clinical therapy, as well as Lakota Spirituality, Metaphysics and Body Centered Therapy. She works as a therapist in Providence Hospital, has a private practice, facilitates SoulCollage workshops as well as calligraphy and mixed media art classes.  She can be reached at 503-762-7612 or through her web site at  You will find more SoulCollage resources at as well!


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